Since I don’t find it that fancy and cool to speak about myself in 3rd person, I won’t.

I am Leah, another creature experiencing a quarter life crisis and seeking the beauty of Nature and pleasures of Life on the road. Call me an escapist, a hedonist, a weirdo – but I know one thing – no matter how much or how little we wish of Life, we will only get what we work for and what we dedicate our time and lives to.

I have lived in the UK for far too long now and I feel Nature starved and deprived. I think the road will offer me much more to discover and grow than any bubble of false security and comfort, hence I am going to take off on a journey that as much as it excites me – terrifies me.

Don’t assume I am made of steal and courage. I often think I am too spoiled, weak and all to be able to do something so scary that will test me so badly, yet I will give it a go. I have spent a lot of time reading and preparing for this trip – also a lot of my money have gone into gear so I better stick to it and through it, right?

I suppose you wonder what I would do and what you can expect from this blog.

I plan on doing the following while on the road:

  • Volunteer here and there
  • Explore stunning Nature places
  • Spend most of my time in the wild
  • To up my photography skills with my new bridge camera
  • Go through a ton of audio books and radio podcasts
  • Go through some good educational courses on all sorts of topics
  • Finally get to write down and develop all those amazing story lines I have in my head

Decision making
How did it happen that I decided to hit the road?

I’ve always loved travel and used every opportunity and occasion to go places and see the world. So when a few big things of the cruel grown up’s world hit me in the face and weighted on my shoulders I had to sit down, feel sorry for myself for a day and close the book of misery, to open a new one the next day.
The truth is, I’ve wanted to go travel for a long time but was stuck thinking I have to do this and that to progress in my career, that I have to save a lot of money to go travel. I believe that one can achieve pretty much everything they want, as long as they put their mind to it. And time has come that I had to change things in my life that were making me miserable, so my priorities shifted and I made it my mission to hit the road and challenge myself.

The endless hours of doing research on the internet involved a lot of coffee, a lot of cute cuddles as I am most often trapped under Pate (my Little Prince), many online orders, plenty of chats with people who are in similar situations like mine, budgeting, and mapping my points of interest.

The process

As I already said, I did do a good amount of research before I hit the road. I read travel blogs, watched YouTube videos, read about different products that I would need and while doing this I kept a list of everything useful to know, to remember, to buy, of places to go to and so on.

The next step was buying the gear, while still mapping where I wanted to go.

Talking to various people from Couchsurfing who are on the same page and are already travelling or are planning trips was a big part of my motivation to keep working towards this goal. Exchanging ideas, fears, concerns, tips and so on was and still is a valuable part of my journey.

The actual ”hitting the road” was nothing more than getting on a car to the airport and on an airplain to Europe. It just doesn’t feel real for me when I do this – it takes more time to sync in.

Yet, the hardest thing for me was to say goodbye to my cat. If you want to read more click here.

The story begins

If you think that the story begins here, you are very wrong – the story began with my decision to leave, not when I actually hit the road. I have found that the word “when” is key to procrastination and has to be changed with either “now” or a specific date and a commitment. My decision to leave had both – a start date and a “hit the road” date. To over simplify it, that was my two stage process.