About Me

I am a social psychologist, full time day dreamer and traveller, writer, bookworm, cat lady, atheist…In love with Nature,Life & Oscar Wilde!

Let me break it down.


I graduated with First Class in Psychology and Counselling and I feel like I am a psychologist 24/7. My brain never stops and I understand many things about Life and people because I adopt a thinking approach that analyses systems – how things are connected and what makes them tick or not is quite the interesting thing for me. I say that I am a Social Psychologist, because my interests are in how society shapes the individual and the other way round. I am passionate about cultural differences and interested in taboo topics. I have good critical thinking skills and I am always up for debates. One can genuinelly talk to me about anything and everything without fear of being judged – one exception though – if you harm animals for the sake of it, we won’t get along – at all.

Full time day dreamer

I day dream a lot. As I said my brain never stops. I am always full of ideas, projects I want to develop and things I want to do. I am occupied with my fantasies and I am never bored.


I love travelling and exploring new places, trying new things and meeting new people! I have recently quit my job to travel in Europe and so far it is going well. I hope you like my blogs and come back to read them.


I feel I come from a family of closeted writers, my father, sister and mother all write. Me and my dad write stories, my mother and my sister write poetry. We rarely ever have shared what we have written and I think this is a family thing. I remember writing stories and trying to write poetry as young as 11-12 years old. Through the years my passion for writing has grown but I haven’t done much with it…so I cannot say I am a pro – at all. I have tons of story lines I want to develop, yet so little time to actually allow myself the space to think and write. I hope this would change this year.


Again, I love books, I love reading and travelling in time and through foreign lands via the pages of amazing books. Yet I do not read as much as I wish – just like with my writing. I want to do more reading and I want to share my experiences via reviews posted here on the website.

Cat Lady

Yes, absolutely! I am a proud cat lady and my passion for the creatures is as old as I am. I grew up in a household full of pets, we always had dogs and cats, and all of our pets have been rescued by my family. I grew up in a country with a massive issue with strays – people just don’t have enough respect for the poor souls they throw out on the streets – and so my house has always been a safe place for the many pets we have sheltered. As a child and teenager I used to rescue cats myself, take them home, take care of them and either rehouse them – meaning give them to friends, family, neighbours, etc or keep them. About 8 years ago I created a Facebook page for strays that have been found and need help and pets that need rehousing. I recruited volunteers to run the group and now the group has more than 21k members and is a nationwide platform for good people to help pets in need.
I must say I really miss rescuing cats and dogs and I hope that I will get the chance to develop one of my project ideas that will enable me to help strays and pets in bad shelters while I am on the road.


As I mentioned earlier I have good critical thinking skills and for someone like me religion does not make sense. I understand the political and social use of it, I can understand the psychological need that some people have to believe in a just, grand power above them. I also understand the existential and mortal dread of the nothingness there is after death… But for me, I am good without a God. My philosophy of Life and Death give me peace and I don’t need God’s threats of hell or promisses of heaven to be benevolent, to have good ethics, to be respectful and to do good.

In Love with Nature

This comes right after Atheism for a good reason. Nature is my God. I worship its beauty, I respect its power, I value its wisdom and when I am at some beautiful Nature places I feel at peace, I feel like this is my equivelent of a temple, church, mosque. Nature is my mother and my father – Nature is what brought me to Life, what supports my living, and what will kill me. From a more scientific point of view for me Nature is all in one – biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, all sciences together.

In Love with Life

I love the endless opportunities we have as living creatures on Earth. I love Life in the sense that I appreciate it in my philosophical frame in which Life is the exception – not the rule. I must say that gives me a good reason to appreciate my days alive, and to also find peace in my mortality.

In Love with Oscar Wilde

If I could meet one person – dead or alive – it would have been Oscar Wilde. Why? Because he is my favourite author, and his wisdom, witt and character are things I wish I could experience first hand. In my opinion Oscar Wilde was a social psychologist and story teller who chose to tell us about humanity, society and human nature through the stories he wrote.

I hope this was an interesting introduction as to who am I and what I value and Love in Life.