After You with the Pistol by Kyril Bonfiglioli

Review for Book 2 of the Mortdecai Trilogy

It is hard to review a book that is part of a collection..without giving away anything, so beware the spoilers especially if you haven’t read the first book.

Now that I’ve read all three of the Mordecai trilogy books, I must say that the second book is the one I rate highest, and now that I checked, the second book does have the highest average rating on GoodReads too. So I did enjoy and laugh out loud at poor Charlie’s mishaps and think that the plot and twists in the second book have been absolutely ingenious. I wish Mortdecai was a real person and I knew him… I am not sure I’d enjoy his type of adventures, but I can certainly appreciate his sense of humour and cynicism too.

When reading Mortdecai, you cannot be sure when the books have been written, and the fact that they haven’t aged is quite the great characteristic of the series. What I love about the series is that there’s nothing in excess in them… At least I didn’t feel the need to skip long paragraphs of unnecessary boring details. The action moves at a good pace, keeping you alert and on edge pretty much all the time….The question of ”What’s next?” is certainly in your mind, but ”What’s now!?” is just as good and entertaining, so you don’t feel the need to rush to the ”good parts” because it’s all good.

I would have to make a note that Mortdecai 1 and 2 are worth the reread!

The story line with spoilers!
After a nightmarish run away from the USA to Britain, Mortdecai is still chased down and ends up in a cave following that dreadful scene with Jock in the moving sands…Charlie’s life is endangered and he is prepared to die, yet is saved and wakes up in the care of colonel Blucher – at a price of course. Mortdecai must marry the beautiful and young Johanna… and if he thought his crazy plotting and work with all the wrong people will become something from the past, he couldn’t have been more wrong…Especially when a plot for the killing of the Queen is on the table, and yet that’s only the beginning. There will be more drama, more questions and adventures… The weird women’s army college, the Chinese Mafia, the big CIA, Johanna herself…and god knows who else hold Mortdecai’s fate…and balls… in their hands. He has to be obedient and do as he is told, but how could he play his part when there are so many puppeteers pulling the strings? Who is he going to have to fool and how is he to survive the madness?

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