Don’t Point that Thing at Me by Kyril Bonfiglioli

First Book of The Mortdecai Triology

The funny looking book cover and the title did draw my attention to this book when I spotted it in my favourite book store Waterstones!

I need to say I love how the book starts and I couldn’t stop thinking that it is such an amusing read and that I’m so very fascinated by Charlie Mortdecai. Mortdecai is an eccentric art dealer, he is very clever and charming and witty!

Charlie Mortdecai, I must say is a character you wish you knew in real life…getting in trouble with him is easy, but let me tell you, that’d be damn weird and freaky experience. This summer I was riding the wave ‘Deal with it’, in a way I wanted odd and f’ uped situations to happen to me, so that they test me and teach me stuff about me and Life in general. So that’s why Mortdecai felt like my fantasy friend, my shadow. I couldn’t stop reading this book, I found it to be amusing and easy to read…but then…someone told me they found the book dark at times, disturbing even. And yes, that’s true, when I came to consider the type of troubles Charlie got himself into, I did realize it wasn’t that fun if one was to think and to get into Charlie’s shoes…. I don’t know why I didn’t find it dark when I was reading it…I think Charlie’s sense of humour and the absolutely outrageous situations he was in made me laugh at it all.

A tiny spoiler.
There’s a point where Charlie is interrogated in a very invasive, nasty way, he passes out, yet when he regains consciousness he is so very concerned and demanding to get a drink and food before he says anything.
My comment on that.
I found that amusing, he wasn’t taking his situation that seriously if he felt he can abuse the little power he had in the situation in such way.

There are so many quotes I highlighted on my Kindle, so many cool and fun things Charlie said! Looking back at my GoodReads, I should say that my updates mainly consist of remarks how much I love Charlie Mortdecai!

I would reread this book at some point. It is a great fun reading about Charlie’s adventures and mishaps.

I know that Bonfiglioli was inspired by Wodehouse, there are one or two references to him in the trilogy, so I suppose I should try and read the Jeeves series by Wodehouse sometime.

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