Flying to Bremen, Germany

People who travel on a budget can tell you, travelling cheap is not comfortable and convenient. To get the cheap flights, you got to get up at 3am, be at the airport and check in your luggage by 5am and fly off on a plane departing at 6am. This is not glorious, not fun either, but putting up with it gets me places for next to nothing money, and this is a sacrifice I am willing to make.

The sunrise above the clouds, the early start, the cheap flight itself are worth it, I couldn’t be happier for hitting the road once again. This time round, I have an idea of when the next time may be that I’ll be coming back home to my Little Prince, so the heartache was more bearable than before.

I arrived in Bremen early and headed to town to meet with my CouchSurfing host. But when he didn’t respond to my messages I decided to have a stroll around town and have a bite, so with my big backpack I got off the tram in town centre. And while looking around and at my map two gentlemen sitting outside a booth for warm drinks asked me if I needed help and I said no as I wasn’t lost, but this warm and positive helpful regard made me feel so happy to be there and seeing their city. So I had a walk before stopping at a German sausages stall and wondering what was what on the menu and what to get, when a man who also came to the stall for a bite saw the obviously perplexed face of a girl with a massive backpack and offered his help, telling me which sausages were which and what is his favourite. Again that made me feel so welcomed, it was really nice. I really wish people were so kind all the time, the world would be so much nicer place to live in. My host soon got in touch with me, and said he was in transit to town and didn’t have WiFi. He greeted me warmly and showed me to his students accommodation where we chilled out and talked.

The next day I went to the tourist information centre and got the map and their recommendations. I spent the next three days exploring different parts of town and seeing all the churches in town centre too, coz see it was warm in there. The weather was sunny but cold and I found myself having to interrupt my walks every few hours and sit at coffee shops to warm up and enjoy hot drinks. I didn’t mind the sitting and chilling out bit, because I had my book with me, but the cost wasn’t so great – western Europe is expensive. Another downside of travelling in the Autumn-Winter months is that there’re a lot more gray and gloomy days you find yourself out, trying to see things and places and not feel depressed by the lack of sunshine and warmth and the pictures don’t come out as glorious on gray days either…

Since I post on CouchSurfing that I’m going to places, I sometimes get interesting messages and on this occasion a young man messaged me advertising an event he ran in Bremen a month later, but he was curious about my story and my travels and wanted to meet up. On the other hand I was curious to learn about him ending up in the field he is in, so we arranged and met for coffee and walk one day. It was a pleasure to have this encounter and I believe we both learned a lot that day. One more way travelling rules and makes meeting nice people possible and increases one’s chance of learning and networking with the top dogs in a field.

Unfortunately I didn’t get the change to hang out much with my host as he was preparing for exams, but we did have awesome chats in the evenings when I would get back to his place.

While in Bremen I did go to a few really nice places for food and drink and I’ll try to post about them in the Reviews of Places section.

My favourite part of Bremen was the Old Town, narrow houses, tiny streets with beautiful and unique shops.

And here are some pictures of the churches I went into while roaming round freezing cold hah. The cold is not my friend, but see I can think of a friend of mine from university, whose eyes would glow and a massive smile would stretch on his face when merciless wind and rain would hit our faces while walking in the cold. So I’m sure he’d have loved the cold in Bremen.

I didn’t go to museums or galleries, I just don’t feel I’m that interested and especially when there’s entry fee. There are few museums I am happy to pay for when I go places…but I didn’t find such in Bremen.

I think that 3 days were perfectly enough to see what I was interested in seeing in Bremen. Next stop Amsterdam, Netherlands, where I met with my special friend Pete for a long weekend!

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