In and around Sered, Slovakia

Day 1

I must say my plans have been fairly hectic and spontaneous. I just see what seems to work out best and I go with the flow.

I was considering heading to Vienna, Austria, before heading to Budapest, Hungary, but since I didn’t really plan in advance I decided to head to Sered where I had an offer for Couchsurfing and fun things as hiking and swimming.

So once again I packed and this time left my hostel in Bratislava, Slovakia to head further  east into the country.

A quick journey on the train and there I was in a town populated by 20 000 inhabitants.

My host Dado was waiting for me at the train station and was quick to spot the random girl with the purple backpack.

I once again had this weird moment of realisation that once more I am at a place I didn’t think I will end up at.

Dado took me to his flat where we sat down for ice cream and chat before he took me for a walk in town.

On a small square between the flat buildings there was a fun fair with big swings and plenty of food stalls. We wondered around and Dado took me to meet his boss who was incredibly hospitable as he cooked for us – he made us some delicious toasted bread with carefully melted cheese, berries jam and spring onion on top. I must say it was beautiful to watch him cook as he seemed to be doing it with great passion and precision. So we had the pleasure to eat, joke and laugh together before me and Dado headed to a small park where we stumbled upon a small medieval themed festival. Traditional old music, clothing, decoration and fight demonstrations were captivating the audience’s attention so much that even the rain did not stir people away.

Soon after the fight demonstrations me and Dado went to hide away from the rain and have a bite.

The evening was peaceful and nice and we planned for a hiking adventure the next day.

Day 2

I woke up early this morning to work on my blog and so I spent the first 4 hours of my day writing and sorting out things online. Unfortunatelly my ‘To Do List’ never ends…never, ever – I swear!

Later in the morning Dado came round after an early shift and we packed our bags for a good hike! But before that – Lunch. Funnily I find that since I am on the road I eat more than when I’m at home. So despite me not being particularly hungry we went for a bite and then travelled to Nitra via car, to go hike.

The whole hike took us 2 hours, but I must say we took our time and we had loads of fun stopping in the woods to sit and chat and also to dance haha – favourite thing to do now!

The hike was for beginners (which I totally am, considering the lack of prep and the tons of food I’ve been eating before and since on the road) the views were stunning and the fresh air and sun were both energising and motivating to keep going.


We were lucky to see a wild deer, and I snapped a few pictures of it, although they are not the best – I am happy with them. I did go through some bushes off the path to get a good shot and this is what I managed.


After the hike, me and Dado went for ice cream – of course whatever calories we burnt had to be restored! And we didn’t stop there, we went to a restaurant to have some ‘proper’ food too!

The place was really nice inside and outside, I guess I should write them a review. The service was good and the food was delicious too!

The evening we spent at home, relaxing, I had to work on the website more,  so that was my second day in/around Sered.

Day 3

I woke up this morning to a kind and thoughtful breakfast waiting for me. Dado was gone to work for an early shift once again, which meant I need to crack on with the website too. Four hours later I found myself all suited up for a trip to a lake near by, for a day of sunbathing, swimming and relax.

The water in the lake was very very clean and warm too. It wasn’t crowded and the atmosphere was pleasent. Despite it being very cloudy it was still quite hot and going in and out of the water was easy and I didn’t feel as cold as I would have if the sun has been scorching me.

While sunbathing I had the chance to do some more writing and work on the website, which was good! Mixing pleasure and work is necessary.

I didn’t realise how much I needed a day of peace and quiet to relax and do my own stuff.

When you are on the road and running to this and that it’s not that easy to relax and get back to yourself and what you need to do.

In the evening Dado took me to his mother’s house, where we had pizza and fun chats with her and his grandmother too. I must say it is interesting to try chat using 4 different languages and still manage to understand each other yet confuse and misunderstand so much. What languages did we use? Slovak, English, Bulgarian and Russian – trust me the mix is hilarious.

Dado’s family has the travel bug which is really fascinating, their dynamic is also intriguing. But most of all I must mention the hospitality of Dado and his family – truly amazing! No wonder the British sea side and tourism died once the travel become so cheap to Europe- Europeans know how to offer true hospitality – and most Brits don’t have a clue as to what to do to accommodate and be nice. Don’t get offended here – that’s my observation.

Day 4

Like the previous two mornings, this one too is dedicated to working on my blog and writing content.

But today I head to Budapest. I had to pack my stuff and wait for Dado, to go for a final ice cream or whatever to wrap up our adventure together! Yet unexpected things have come up at work and he only came home to bring me lunch and say goodbye. Again the thoughtfulness and kindness are unimaginable!

I must say I am so grateful to Dado for taking me out for these trips, for his hospitality, for being so easy going and amazing! I am lucky to have met a person like him!


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