Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov

I started reading Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov quite some time ago, it’s a brilliant piece of writing and definitely an intriguing one. It took me ages to read it, due to lengthily descriptions, but it was worth finishing the book. ‘Lolita’ is about a grown up guy (Humbert) who falls in love with a 12 year old girl Lolita. He is a paedophile, a mad man, a man full of love, a manipulative and clever one too…So that makes you pity the poor girl Lolita, but as it turns out, she is as manipulative and nasty to him too, taking advantage of his obvious feelings towards her. So this whirlpool of manipulation and abuse of power, (Lolita’s power over Humbert’s feelings and Humbert’s power over Lolita’s age disadvantage) makes you think twice before you can judge any of them.

I’m not the judgmental type of person anyway and I didn’t judge Humbert for his obsession over very young girls anyway, but as my understanding of his obsession and love for Lolita grew I pitied the guy for having to have to fight his ‘demons’ and the stress and fear he had to endure in the name of his passion for Lolita. But it isn’t until the end of the book, when he gives you an insight of the things Lolita had to endure and deal with, that makes you pity her too and more importantly, it is then you realize you’ve been manipulated by Humbert, to pity him and ignore or forget about Lolita’s problems.

She was kind of abducted by Humbert, but it took quite a while before she broke free and run away. Not that she didn’t have the chance, but she just didn’t do it…And to a certain extend I understand her, but in the same time I still don’t get ‘why’ she didn’t run away earlier. It is interesting to mention here, that I realized this point after having a very awkward nightmare, just after I finished the book. I dreamed that I’m abducted and I had my phone and a tablet, but I didn’t contact anyone for help… Weird, huh? I usually try to figure out my dreams, by thinking what could have influenced me to have them. So it was then that I understood the connection of my dream with the novel. And interestingly it was then I actually realized, that Lolita was kind of abducted by Humbert, and that she didn’t run away or call for help…Another thing I was ‘blind’ not to assimilate when reading the book, which is written in first person from Humbert, as a memoir. Well done to Nabokov, a book full of characters that manipulate not only each other, but also the reader.

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