On the road again

After so many yet so few days spent with my Little Prince -Pate, in the sun reading and writing, and also working on a project I couldn’t shake off the feeling that I miss being on the road, that I must go again. So when I got invited to Amsterdam, by my very special friend Pete, I thought about it and managed to overcome the comfort of the cocoon that I’ve been curled up in for the past weeks as illustrated below:

Should I go?
Why not?
-I don’t know.
Don’t I want to go then?
Of course I wanna go!
So what’s stopping me?
-So nothing?
-Well then?
-Okay, fine, sure, I’m going, what the hell!

And that’s how (although oversimplified) I decided to hit the road again! I decided I will check for the cheapest flights into Europe and then make my way to Amsterdam to meet Pete. Cheapest flight in close proximity was for Bremen, Germany – so I bought one! Oh the rush! Oh the excitement! The idea is that I will visit Bremen for a few days and then go meet Pete in Amsterdam for a long weekend. I also thought about seeing friends I haven’t seen for many years, who now live here and there in Europe and I contacted them, so if all the plans go well, I will be visiting 3 of my oldest friends while in Europe and I am so excited!

I want to end up in Porto, Portugal in November and spend time there with my best friend Niki! So I feel this time, this adventure is about connecting with people – seeing and spending quality time with my beautiful, precious friends and my heart melts when I think about it!

So I leave, again…

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