An awesome Pancakes place in Rijeka, Croatia

If you want to have amazing pancakes and coffee in Rijeka, Croatia – you have to go to Pačalinka!

Since in Europe, I have been on the lookout for good places to have pancakes. And I will admit to having been to quite a few places, but I will only mention those that are value for money and are worth the visit. In the UK we have an annual Pancakes day, for me in Europe – every day is a potential pancake day!

Pačalinka is a pancakes house very close to the main bus station in Rijeka.

The menu is great, you can choose the pancake base/mix as they have 3 different options. Then you can choose to add the fillings – fruit, sauce, jams, etc. as well as ice creams. You have the full control and the pancake just gets delivered to you – looking great, big, tasty and amazing!

The service was also good and quick, the girls were nice and spoke English well enough to take my orders.

The atmosphere was relaxed, the space was well decorated and one could use the WiFi and the sockets to charge devices too.

As someone travelling on a tight budget, I will mention here that the place is rather cheap, and offering a lot for the price!
I hope it stays this way forever! It is the place with the best pancakes I’ve had in a very long while!

So yes…I recommend this place!

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