Save money with me

We all hear that travelling doesn’t have to cost tons of money. Although I am still learning about this, I will share with you my links and codes which you can use to save money while travelling.


AirBnB is a website for people who have spare rooms or entire properties they let privately but like hotels do. You can see properties in the area you are interested in, for the money you can afford, see pictures, read reviews and book. If you want to make an account, follow the link or use the code below when registering, to get a voucher for £30 off on your first booking.


Uber is the new taxi, local people in majour cities have started working as independent taxi drivers. The rates can be competitive, use the app to locate yourself and your desired destination and receive an offer for a lift almost instantly. Against is safe,as the drivers are working legally and you can see their reviews.
Follow the link below or use the promo code to get £10 off your first journey.


Working placements

World packers is a platform for people who wish to go to new places and volunteer in exchange for food and board.
If you use the following code when registering you would get $10 credit.


I am sure there are other platforms of the sort, yet I don’t necessarily know of them, so please do share your advice and notes in the comments.

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