Sharing everything Bulgarian – Part 3 – Hot Springs

This morning we packed our camp, sat for a long coffee and chat before we headed to the hot springs at the bottom of the mountain in Sapareva Banya. But before that – it was time for brunch… so we stopped at a really good place called Panichishte (Паничище).

We stuffed ourselves with great food and went to a big SPA centre with pools called Kotvata. It took me a while to realize I have been to this place 4 years ago with Julien, when we travelled around south Bulgaria. The pools ranged in temperature from 20 to 45 degrees Celsius.

I was fairly impressed with Pete as he made it in every possible pool – from those with practically cold water through to the hottest one in which I couldn’t even soak my feet in for a minute.

The weather was gorgeous up until 5pm when it became cloudy and it started raining. It was still nice outside and many people stayed. However we left around 6pm as we had a long drive back to Niki’s and we wanted to rest and get enough sleep for yet another adventure the next day – heading North-East to see a couple of caves and beautiful waterfalls.

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