I suppose you are here because you are curious to know more and/or are interested in buying an authentic photograph you’ve seen on my website.

What I mean by authentic is that the photographs you see on my website are not photoshopped, they are original – they represent the actual view of the place at the time the picture was taken.

We are all so used to seeing manipulated pictures, where the photographers have changed the light, the accent, the colours etc after taking the photo. In my opinion the best photographers are those that have a good eye and make the best out of the view and the conditions at the time of taking the picture, without the need of special filters and manipulation. Those that take ‘meh’ photos and spend days editing them are great editors, hot photographers.

So you may wonder, why do I value authentic, original, unedited photographs? Because I just like things authentic, including photographs. I like to see a picture and be able to trust, that this was real, and that I could have been the one standing there at the same place and time – seeing the exact same thing. And there is a reason I wish to see authentic, untouched photographs, especially of Nature – because I don’t want reality retouched and twisted, because I want to know that if I went to the same place the photographer did, I will see what he saw, I will see the same colours, the same landscape, I will perhaps re-experience the feeling I got from their photograph – but intensified because I am actually there and I can experience the atmosphere, the elements and the view myself, not vicariously through someone else’s eyes and Photoshop skills. And if you don’t know the extent to which photos are edited, here’s an article by Peter Steward that illustrates it well.

Photographer Reveals How Much Online Images Are Photoshopped (13+ pics)

So if you care about authenticity as I do and like the photos you see on my website here, you are more than welcomed to inquire and buy prints of my authentic photographs. You just need to contact me via the form below telling me which photograph you’re interested in, and how you would like to have it.

Yet if you are unsure we can discuss it all the size, the format, the delivery and the price.

Please consider and note down the following in your message, this information will be useful in establishing what you’d like to have and estimating a price for its print.

Desired approximate size in inches or centimetres

Print format – canvas, frame, unframed, aluminium, forex, etc.

Delivery requirements – fast, standard, recorded, signed, insured

Delivery country – the country to which it needs shipping


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