So far…so good!

The past month has been crazy, 5 countries visited in 4 weeks. I have a lot to catch up with, especially when it comes to writing about my journey and adventures. You may have noticed that a lot is missing and some articles seem like they are not quite in sequence – yes, this is my fault. But here is how my journey has been like for the past weeks. This map will give you a better idea of how much more I have to write to fill you in.

I flew from London, England to Berlin, Germany and spent 5 days there visiting my good friend.
I took a bus from Berlin to Poznan,Poland where I spent 2 days couchsurfing.
From Poznan I was taken to a hotel near Ploc, Poland to teach English for a week with Angloville.
After the program I headed to Warsaw, Poland and then down to Prague, Czech Republic where I explored the city and couchsurfed for a night.
Then headed off south east for yet another Anlgloville program, after which I went to Bratislava, Slovakia.
I stayed in Bratislava for 2 nights in a hostel, after which I headed east to Sered where I was offered Couchsurfing, swimming and hiking.
I spent 4 days in Sered before taking a train to Budapest, Hungary- where I spent 4 days Couchsurfing and exploring the city, before I headed for my third Angloville program.

I still haven’t decided where I would go to after the program, I will either go south west to Zagreb, Croatia or south east towards Serbia. Time will show us.

One thought on “So far…so good!

  • 3rd July 2017 at 9:12 pm

    go to zagreb and from this city make one day trip to amazing plitvice lake. its not cheap but very very nice.
    Hehe but if you like second best girl in europe (after belarus) you must visit belgrade πŸ™‚
    hot is every 9 from 10 πŸ™‚


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