Something Nasty in the Woodshed by Kyril Bonfiglioli

Review of Book 3 – Mortdecai Triology

I don’t know how to begin… I love Mortdecai, his ability to laugh at himself in a very clever way with a great deal of dignity is brilliant. His rather positive and well meaning outlook on life and attitude are what keeps you laughing and smiling even when the story goes dark.

The story line with some tiny spoilers…(only this paragraph)
I didn’t enjoy the third book that much, for one, there was this witch hunting of a rapist who’s supposed to be engaging in some sort of ancient folk rituals…In the third book Mortdecai moves to the island of Jersey, with his wife Johanna, his thug Jock and their canary. Mortdecai’s neighbours’ wives are raped, and before more rapes follow, Mortdecai heads mainland to Oxford to seek the help of a friend in academia who knows tons about ancient rituals and religious stuff. Mortdecai’s determined to help stop the rapes, so he is ready to even do some weird religious rituals, get in trouble with the police and roam the Jersey island to protect women from the rapist. Unfortunately the grim awful line of events continues to the end.

So, the third book of the Mortdecai trilogy is especially dark…and negative. Throughout the story there’s hope that things will be sorted out, yet it goes darker and darker for the main characters, the end is absolutely dark and sad… It leaves you with this feeling that reminds you not only that shit happens, but shitty people exist and sometimes no matter how much you struggle and fight to make things better, there are these occasions when you better withdraw and make peace with yourself, because you can’t save the day every day, you must learn to accept to be defeated.

I must say till the very end, I did not know what to expect I couldn’t have possibly guessed anything of what happened towards the end of the book. I was just hoping for things to be…sorted. I hated how things turned out to be and how even innocent people were hurt for no apparent reason.
When I finished the book, I thought ”Oh jeez, that’s horrible, I don’t want to reread that book.” which isn’t what I thought at the end of the previous two books. I remember that at the end of the first book I thought ”Oh nooo, Jock!” and at the end of the second book I thought ”That’s fucked up” yet I did think they are worth the reread, only even for the absolutely joyful Charlie Mortdecai.

The third book of the Mortdecai trilogy is definitely different from the previous books… Mortdecai of course is just as fun as in the previous books, yet the whole story is way too grim. I think that the topic itself is way too disturbing – that being rapes. What also put me off was the witch hunting, I don’t really enjoy this topic either. The absolutely disappointing thing is how the story develops for the main characters.

I cannot think of what kind of moment in life might prompt me to reread the third book, maybe I have to be going through so much shit that I would need a reminder that it could be worse…or maybe I should reread it when I am happy and my life is sorted, so that I can appreciate it even more. I don’t know…time will show I suppose. And that’s what I can say and finish with this review.

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