The best travel card – Revolut

When planning a holiday, the last thing I remember to do is exchange money, and I simply hate searching for a good place to exchange – for some reason I always feel cheated with this – pay money to get money business. So now that I hit the road, money was on my mind and I knew I need a smart way to deal with the whole money business, and save myself the time, the nerves and the money too, as getting ripped off while on a shoe sting budget is not cool. Talking to people who are in the same boat was a big part of the prep for my adventure and I am forever grateful to Barny, a fellow traveller from Oxford, who enlightened me about Revolut, which is the best travel card.

I have been using it ever since I hit the road, in every country I’ve been to and I cannot reccommend it more strongly. Since it is a Master Card and it acts like a debit card I have had no issues paying anywhere. I have hardly exchanged money since in most countries and places I have been to so far they accept cards. Yet the couple of times I needed cash, for instance at a local market to buy good local food, I could easy walk up to any free cash point and withdraw say 10-20 GBP without any charge and still at interbank exchange rates.

So I would say, if you travel you need this card, even if you go abroad once or twice a year – it is worth it.

  • Great app! You can monitor every penny, cent or whatever you spend via the app – simple you just get a notification each time money come out of it. The statistics show you how much money you’ve spent where and on what – the categories are great.
  • Easy to top up and manage your money
  • People can send you money directly into this account
  • Also you don’t have to load currencies on this card, as it will pay in the local currency and show you how much this was in GBP or Euros.
  • No commision charged when you spend
  • No transaction fees
  • Interbank exchange rates – no bank or exchange bureau will offer you a better deal
  • Banks like HSBC, Lloyds, Barcleys etc will charge you a commition, a transaction fee, and will give you a bad exchange rate if you withdraw money from abroad.  With Revolut you can withdraw up to 200 GBP per month in different countries without getting charged
  • You don’t get charged if you don’t use the card – which is not the case with other companies that offer travel cards – like Thomas Cook

My troubles with dealing with a ton of different currencies have been solved with Revolut, so I definitely recommend this card to everyone who wants to safe themselves time, money, and the pain of exchanging currency back and forth.


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