The Key to freedom is not having keys?

So this was my last set of keys from my accommodation in Cambridge, just before I left.

And here it is important to say, that I’ve always thought about having keys as having if not a home, then at least a house I reside in. Keys are symbolic to me, they are associated with roots, security, and comfort. But as I embark on a new journey, I will not really have keys that belong to me; that I carry with me everywhere. A friend of mine recommended that I get myself a locker with a code, as he said ‘’So you don’t have to carry keys’’. Yet when I was choosing a locker I felt that I wanted to get one with keys, for the sake of having keys. Despite this I bought a code locker, choosing practical convenience over weird emotional comfort.

Sometimes I will end up with keys, when I am CouchSurfing or staying in Hostels, but other than that I will have a tent, strapped to my rucksack, ready to accommodate me whenever and wherever I wished to place it. And this little one person tent from Wild Country is costing me less than a week’s rent in Cambridge and will shelter me in the mountains and woods where I want to wake up, peak out of it and see most beautiful scenic views.

So in short, this is my home, I don’t need keys for it, I don’t pay rent for it, I don’t pay tax continuously for having it, I carry it on my back and I can place it pretty much anywhere I want. I like this simplicity and the freedom that comes with it.

Let the adventure begin.




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