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Risk Podcast – The authentic human experience, raw, uncensored, and real can change your world view and your Life. Dare to open your mind and listen to Risk – Today is the day, Take A Risk!

‘’ RISK! is a live show and podcast where people tell true stories they never thought they’d dare to share in public, hosted by Kevin Allison of the legendary TV sketch comedy troupe, The State. ‘’
I discovered the Risk Podcast last summer and since discovering it, I must admit I’ve listened to 3 years’ worth of Risk shows, so that’s around 162 episodes. Most episodes are between 50-70 minutes. And I guess this gives a very good indicator of how much I love this show. Let me explain what makes Risk special.

Risk is an American podcast where people tell true stories, uncensored as much as possible. The show gives its listeners the opportunity to vicariously experience alternative lifestyles and often times life altering events. Each episode contains two to four stories and a single episode can get you through an emotional rollercoaster like nothing else can. There are stories about freedoms and prison, poverty and wealth, drugs, addiction and recovery, cultural and religious differences and enlightments, betrayals and hope, families, relationships, work, war, sexuality, travel and exploration and so on.

So you may go through an episode where you laugh hysterically to the first story, then cry your eyes out of sorrow at the second and the third one leaves you panting and turned on. The array of experiences one goes through when listening to Risk is unique, simply because of the diversity of the story tellers and that they share real experiences – not fiction out of someone’s imagination that ends up on the screen. It is due to the fact that these stories are real and told as they actually were, that they will never end up on the mainstream radio and TV. Why? Because there is a war on the real human experience – manifested in brutal censure and muddled over with superficial ideas of normality – hence most people never even realise it and suffer in silence thinking they are the only ones going through this or that.

It is important to note that I am a supporter of no censure to the human experience, and as a psychologist it is exactly this authenticity that draws me to the Risk show and keeps me listening to it with religious devotion. That said I acknowledge that not everybody has the open mind and non-judgemental attitude required to listen to Risk and enjoy it fully. If you are the type of person who gets offended easily, has no critical thinking skills, does not value the right of every human to have a subjective and out of the box experience and is closed minded – then the Risk show would not be for you. But if you are an open minded, free spirited, non-judgemental and curious person, then go and listen to Risk. Remember that each episode is unique as the stories vary massively, yet what remains constant in every episode is the authenticity of each story.

There is so much more to say about Risk, but I would rather leave things for the curious to discover for themselves!
I will share a few of my reasons for this big recommendation.

One – I have grown to learn so much about American culture and subcultures, about religious divides and struggles, different structures and norms in society, about sexuality, love, hate and relationships of all sorts. I would say that I feel like now I have a Risk story for every occasion, and I do end up retelling stories to my friends when we end up discussing something I remember a good story about.

Two – I believe that the show deserves more attention and more people can benefit from it than imagined.

Three – I genuinely wish this post supports Risk so they get more listeners and expand.

Four – this is my way of saying ‘’F*ck censure of the authentic human experience! We need more of this!’’

So, I cannot recommend Risk more!

You can listen to Risk on pretty much every app for podcast and radio. And you can follow the link to their website here >


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