A few weeks in the UK

Upon returning from Corfu, as luck has it I fell ill and lost my voice, for the second time this year. My dad wanted to hear all about my travels, yet I couldn’t speak to save my life. And so more than a week went by with me being mute, and about 3 weeks have passed before I finally stopped coughing my lungs out. I  actually enjoyed being quiet and not talking, so people’s attempts to tease me were rather pointless. After months of being on the road socializing and hardly being alone I felt like I desperately needed the down time and didn’t even want to message friends… I just wanted to be alone, with my laptop and my cat…I had a lot to catch up with, not just writing, but reading and researching too…and also just being passive watching TV series… In all honesty I still haven’t caught up with many people – so basically I’m being a horrible person…still not completely social and talking to friends.

This summer I had an idea for a business and in here I just call it “a project” so I have been working on developing it further and I really hope to get it all researched and developed by the end of next summer. Who knows, maybe the hard work will pay back and I’ll manage to get this project up and running and do something I am very passionate about and feel like there is a massive gap in the market that needs filling. But for now, it’s an idea, a project, something I am working on and that’s all.


Catching up on cuddles with my Little Prince – Pate, quiet times, reading, learning and working on a project – that’s how my weeks in the UK went. And I want more of that, more time with Pate, more time reading in the sun outside on the patio with a cup of coffee with ice cream. And I haven’t left yet, but I already feel like I miss my Little Prince.

I must also say I feel regretful not seeing my friends in England while here, but I’ve not been feeling social at all and the cost of getting out of Kent to see friends all over the place is rather atrocious. I’ve not seen anyone and not spoken to 99% of the people I wish I had. This is my reality. This is how I have been feeling after 3 months on the road… socially exhausted, asocial…burying my head in my books and my cat too…they smell so nice by the way, I just needed this.

Anyways. I now need to plan my trip, to pack, to get ready and hit the road and I hope that I will see and connect with my friends soon…

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