Work, work, work…Did I say work?

After a long week in Croatia, sunbathing, lazying around and not doing any work, I was looking forward my arrival in Bulgaria, knowing I can have a few days locked up in my room, with a laptop, internet connection and the space to write and be productive. But before that I had 6 days planned – spending time with my friends Niki and Pete, hiking and exploring Bulgaria – the capital, the Seven Rila Lakes, the hot springs and the caves and waterfalls.

Before I hit the road I thought I would have so much time to write, read and focus on the website, but it is not the case. More often than not – when you are on the road you need to make time to work, rather than hope you’d find time. And this does involve prioritising work and scheduling it, even if that means missing out on things you would rather do. Everytime I am in Bulgaria a bunch of people want to see me, and I don’t have a problem with that, but it feels like I only exist for them if I am in the vicinity… and the other thing is that they often want me to work around their time and schedules, which is not something I am prepared to do for the majority of them – even if I want to see them too… So now that I am in Bulgaria I am trying very hard to sort my priorities and get things done.

Going away with Pete and Niki into the mountains and so on was the highlight of my travel in Bulgaria, now I am focused mainly on my work and spending time with Niki and seeing a few people in between.

I need to catch up with a lot of writing, admin, research and planning so I better stop telling you how much work I have and how I make time to do it, and just get cracking.

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